Extended Services
  • Treat-ability testing facility of various types of effluent using Ozone
  • Increasing plant capacity by 50% without investing on any new structure
  • AutoCAD drawing
  • Site supervision
  • Reducing O&M cost up to 30% by innovative technology

     Raw effluent generated from process section is collected in the Equalization Tank,      after passing through a mechanically operated Bar Screen. Screening is done to retain      the large, floating matter... Click for more...

Biological Treatment
     The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) plant comprises two concrete process basins,      which are operated in a sequential fill and draw mode... Click for more...

Sludge Treatment
     Excess Sludge from SBR Tank is collected in Aerobic Digester for further stabilization.      It is then pumped through the Sludge Dewatering System (Filter press) for      dewatering... Click for more...

Bio Medical Waste
     According to Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998 of India,      Bio-medical waste means any waste which is generated... Click for more...

Tertiary/Post Advance Treatment
     The treated water from Sequencing Batch Reactor is collected in an Intermediate tank.      From intermediate tank the water is pumped to the Multi Media Filter for final polishing      of the effluent by advanced oxidation... Click for more...



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