Extended Services
  • Treat-ability testing facility of various types of effluent using Ozone
  • Increasing plant capacity by 50% without investing on any new structure
  • AutoCAD drawing
  • Site supervision
  • Reducing O&M cost up to 30% by innovative technology
M/S. Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Tannery - Thuthipet

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Project   M/S. Common Effluent Treatment Plant. – CETP – TANNERY
Project Type   Wastewater Treatment and Recycle Plant
Location   Common Effluent Treatment Plant Thutipet,Ambur,Tamilnadu
Plant Capacity   2400 Cum / Day
Scheme   Primary Treatment + Biological Treatment (SBR) + Tertiary Treatment +
Pre-Treatment + Ultrafiltration System + Reverse Osmosis System - ZLD
Sludge Treatment   Filter Press + Sludge Drying Beds
Commenced   2012 ( INLCLUDES 5 YEARS O & M)










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