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Bio Medical Waste

Treatment and Management

According to Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998 of India, Bio-medical waste means any waste which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biological and including categories.

Schedule I
Categories of Biomedical Waste in India
Option1 Waste Category Treatment & Disposal
Category No.1 Human Anatomical Waste (human tissues, organs, body parts) Incineration / deep burial
Category No.2 Animal Waste (animal tissues, organs, fluids blood etc.) Incineration / deep burial
Category No.3 Microbiology & Biotechnology Waste (waste from laboratory cultures, stocks or specimens of microorganisms) Local autoclaving / microwaving / incineration
Category No.4 Waste Sharps (needles, Syringes, scalpels, blades etc.) Disinfection (chemical treatment@ / autoclaving / microwaving and mutilation / shredding)
Category No.5 Discarded Medicines and cytotoxic drugs (waste comprising of outdated, contaminated & discarded medicines) Incineration@destruction and drugs disposal in secured landfills
Category No.6 Solid Waste (Items contaminated with blood, and fluids including cotton dressings, linen, beddings etc.) Incineration@autoclaving /microwaving
Category No.7 Solid Waste (waste generated from disposable items) Disinfection by chemical treatment @ autoclaving / microwaving and mutilation / shredding
Category No.8 Liquid Waste (waste generated from laboratory, washing, cleaning, housekeeping & disinfecting activities) Disinfection by chemical treatment and discharge into drains.
Category No.9 Incineration Ash (ash from incineration of any biomedical waste) Disposal in municipal landfill
Category No.10 Chemical used in production of biological, chemicals used in disinfection, as insecticides etc. Chemical treatment and discharge into drains for liquids and secured landfill for solids.


Schedule II
Color Coding and type of container for disposal of bio-medical wastes
Color Coding Type Of Container Waste Category Treatment Option as per Schedule I
Yellow Plastic Bag Cat1, Cat2, Cat3 & Cat6 Incineration/deep burial
Red Disinfection container/plastic bag Cat3, Cat6 & Cat7 Autoclaving /Microwaving /Chemical Treatment
Blue/White Translucent Plastic bag/puncture proof container Cat4, Cat7 Autoclaving /Microwaving /Chemical Treatment and Destruction /Shredding
Black Plastic Bag Cat5, Cat9 & Cat10 (Solid) Disposal in secured landfill


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